Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Legend of Clan MacDouchebag (or Does This Kilt Make My Butt Look Big?)

Continuing the Douchebag Cultural Exchange and Universal Sexiness tour we head North to the land of fried mars bars, whiskey, haggis, monsters, castles and men who aren't afraid to let it all hang out.(literally)  Where once upon a time a stiff breeze blew the kilt of my great grandfather Huge MacDouchebag's kilt up one morning and thus the legend of the Loch Ness Monster was born!


Shirt: Mr.Poet - Off shoulder shirt White

Beard: A.G. Magnus Facial Hair - Chin #1 (Ginger - thickness)

Make up: CheerNo-LIAN:Skin Freckles
Make up: CheerNo La Vita.PURE 07

Kilt: !gO! Maccloy kilt with sporran

Hair: Wasabi Pills/ Orion Mesh Hair - Gingerbread

Necklace: Flightless - Geronimo Skull Feather Necklace

Boots: Survivor-Boots Leather

Shape: JARL by Maddox DuPontv2

Skin: Belleza- Cooper Pale 0


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