Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

DLT is a store that has been around for a while, but this weekend they are releasing their very first male collection! a big YAY for the sweet Krisha. Also check out the new SiSSi jewlery... some unisex cool stuff!

Skin - [ CheerNo ] -  SKIN VNS Euro evol #1 [BASE]
Hair - [Shag] - Devil May Cry - darkblonde
Tee - DLT - The torn shirt - Grey
Sunglasses - [CheerNo] - EIGHTIES Sunglasses [Magenta] [Turquoise Frame]
Hoodie - *ARAI* - Nylon parka_pink
Necklace - *SiSSi* - Squarish Necklace
Pants - DLT - The stripped pants (light grey)
Sneakers - 2REAL - DIAGONAL_08

Poses - dfo!, (pda) & ~N~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough

What's up, guys? Brand new for this post there it is the new CheerNo collection, and hair from an up and coming store you must check out, RIOT!

Skin - [ DNA ] -  .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 2B_]
Hair - RIOT! - Homicide  in Platinum
Top - [CheerNo] - ROBERTO Shirt/Black - coming soon
Sunglasses - [CheerNo] - MANOEL Shades/White(Studded) - coming soon
Gloves - [CheerNo] - Brilliant Gloves [White]
Head Accessory - [CheerNo] - Editorial AcS.GAGE
Pants - [CheerNo] - HANK Pants/Black - coming soon
Boots - [CheerNo] - Yaji Boots High/White
Cigarette - [CheerNo] - *a.C STD.TABang Cigar Mouth Grung On

Poses - Dismorph, (pda) & CheerNo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do you really want to hurt me?

Hey guys <3! New store in town, {MV} you have to check their stuff, really amazing textures and seams very well done; also check out the supercute new sim Pookie Promenade, and don't forget to get the new skins from CheerNo, a must-have!

Skin - CheerNo - Teseu_Tan_Base.Bald
Hair - [SHAG] - Banged - dirtyblonde
Tee - {MV} - Big Mouth
Shirt - {MV} - Set Plaid Shirt
Sunglasses - ::ElectroCUTE :: - Bubble Lens Glasses (Neon Pink)
Eyes - .:Hermony:. - Eyes - Stone
Mouth Attachment - ::POOKIE:: - Gelato Ice Cream Strawberry
Belt - { Kari } - Plain white belt (S)
Pants - {MV} - Gradient Jeans
Slip-ons - CheerNo - CheerNo.Slip-Ons [Under Woman]
Cake - ::POOKIE:: - Cherry Garcia Cupcake

Poses - *MayoNaise*, CnS & CheerNo

Monday, March 29, 2010

Young at Heart

Skin - AITUI Conjurer Kid - Tone 4 - FH1 - Hair - Body Hair
Hair - [SHAG] - The Libertine - copper
Tee - Mustache - Long Button V-Neck Black
Gloves - CheerNo Brilliant Gloves [Silver]
Glasses - DUBOO* Mickey's glasses
Eyes - .:Hermony:. Eyes - Stone
Mouth Attachment - ++AY.LinE++ Orange on Mouth
Suspenders - *~MM's~* - LB-WhiteBase-W-Belt+Suspenders
Pants - Emery - Short Denim Quarry
Socks - )) HANAUTA (( Check Socks =Orange=

Poses - Niqotine


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Accessory Fair 2010

*Illusions* Sibirica Horns
*Illusions* Velodorno Mask

[!SyDS! Hair] Red butterfly attachment (Head)
TIK TOK - Petal Ladybugs inlove

*SiSSi* Lucky Dice Male
*SiSSi* Silence Is Golden (mouth)

Skin: DEN-DOU Gatcha ; Hair: CheerNo Vitor (different colors)


Monday, March 1, 2010

Against the Flow

Skin: CheerNo.HOMMESkin Venus Asian [THE SUN] Shav
Hair/Skirt: MiaMai CyberSamurai
Tatoo: Garden of Ku - Tetsuo
Gloves: RFyre Mastrius, Mens, Black&Silver (part of complete outfit)
Sleeve Laces: Avid - Byron (part of complete outfit)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Boxers or Briefs HUNT!

Hello guys! Starting today and until February 14th, Gabe Bookmite, a talented blogger, organizes his 2nd Gridwide-Hunt, the BoB Hunt. You will have to search for Undies Packs, and buy them, you will find the prize and the LM for the next store inside. Almost 30 stores participate in this hunt. Go get your undies!

In the picture, the gift located at the starting point, CheerNo, a nice pair of Thermal Undies.

Let the hunt begin! BoB #1 CheerNo

Skin - [CheerNoSKIN] Venus*GreedPALE_M#1_Shav
Hair - [Shag] - Blown - hazel

Pose by Pretzel*Poses

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hole In My Soul

Hey there! This is my first fashion post after my hiatus, hope you guys like it and keep it up with more styles soon. We'll post the LMs to the store in the side bar. Enjoy!

Skin - CheerNoSKIN Venus*GreedGold_M#2_ShaV
Hair - CheerNo Hair Julio [Mystic] - Coming Soon
Tattoo - Garden of Ku - Give Me Poison
Sunglasses - Gritty Kitty: Pa-Zazz! Glasses
Eyes - CheerNo.eye Line [Crystal] *FruxX
Tee - AOHARU_BT_DrapeNeck_T-Shirt_Blue
Wristband - Emery - French Wristband
Pants - AMERIE M - Loose pants_Blue
Socks - *ARAI* Daily socks - Socks 2
Sneakers - 2REAL - PRO_SPEC

Poses - (pda) & CheerNo


Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Statement

We are the Douchebags. We are the guys that your mothers warned you about. We are the guys that you cross the street to avoid yet strangely you can't help but admire how stylishly we are dressed. We are the guys that wear what we want when we want. We aren't here blogging our styles for any kind of recognition. We are blogging because we want to. We will probably shock you, revolt you and turn you on all at the same time... cause we are douchebags...

...but we are damn sexy douchebags!

Jarl & Aris