Thursday, April 25, 2013

"OD" Original Douchebag (or Ode to the Don)

Original Madison Avenue Douchebag

Today we Douchebags pay tribute to one of the original and all time greatest douchebags. Mr Don Draper star of TV's Mad Men. Don is an avowed drinker, smoker and womanizer attributes that accompany most modern douchebags. So we pay man loving tribute to "the Don" one of our personal douchebag heroes!

A staple of Don's wardrobe is the American Classic grey suite so we decided our homage must contain it.

Shoes: Sartoria - Elegance Shoes Black
Socks: hoorenbeek -  Black Socks
Suit: hoorenbeek -  Mesh Suit Grey
Cigarette: FNKY! Cigarette II (Don't Smoke kids!)
Hair: Shag - My Command - shadow
Shape: JARL by Maddox DuPontv2
Skin: Belleza- Ashton Medium
Eyes: MADesigns PROMISE eyes - blue intense 9
Hands: CheerNo Mesh Set 3 (test)

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