Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pimp my Douchebag (or It's Always better to give a pearl necklace than to receive one)

Pimp my Douchebag

Make Up - [CheerNo] La Vita.PURE 11
                   Miamai_InMutatio Homme Lips 01
Hair - [CheerNo] HairBase  Gray 7.4
Hat - DRIFT Pimpin Hat Twas The Night
Hands - [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#1_S
Vest - [CheerNo] MIGUEL Fur Vest  White
Sandals - [CheerNo] Sandals Fhar White
Pants - [CheerNo] Skirt_Pants  Black
Earrings - [MANDALA] Pearl Earring
Bracelet - [MANDALA] Pearl Rain  Bracelet/White
Necklace - [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Necklace /White
Shape - JARL by Maddox DuPontv2
Skin - Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Tone 01 / BL
Eyes - Tableau Vivant Drop of water eyes 09

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